Small Change: Charity & the National Debt

Some donors to the National Fund illustrated in the Times article of 28 May 2018
The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey with the wreaths laid on it in 1920
Sketch from Lutyens’ plan for the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme 1928
Promotion of the post-war Victory Loans, which raised £475.9m for the Treasury in Trafalgar Square in 1919
James Gillray’s cartoon of 21 April 1786 showing King George III and Queen Charlotte being handed moneybags from a wheelbarrow by Prime Minister William Pitt
Part of the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story of Miss Joan Edwards’ gift to the government in her will
Extract from the National Fund’s published accounts for y/e 5 April 2017
Analysis of administration costs for the National Fund from its published accounts for y/e 5 April 2017
Value of the National Fund over time since 1997 in £m
Part 8 claim form issued on 22 May 2018 seeking determination of questions relating to the National Fund



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Barbara Rich

Barbara Rich


English barrister & mediator — specialising in disputed succession & decision-making for people who lack mental capacity