Fragments of untold lives — II

Edward Currey’s bill account for legal services paid by Mr Henry Batt on 12 November 1781
Map of Deptford — Ordnance Survey First Series 1856
Caulking — part of a display at the historic dockyard, Chatham
Deptford Dockyard by Joseph Farington c.1794 showing l. to r. officers’ houses and offices, double dry dock, quadrangular Great Storehouse, a pair of shipbuilding slips, wet dock, shipbuilding slip, mast houses and mast pond, boat house. King Street was to the left of this picture, just outside the perimeter wall of the dock yard
Examination of Philip Frost, Foreman of the Caulkers at Plymouth Yard 1803
Deptford Creek past (late 18th or early 19th century) and present
Steps to the Thames at the end of Watergate Street (formerly King Street) Deptford
Early 18th century houses on the south side of Albury Street, Deptford
Doorcases on houses on north side of Albury Street, Deptford — cherubs wielding shipwrights’ instruments
Memorial to John Addey, master shipwright, St Nicholas’ church, Deptford — the ship on the ramp is between the two stone tablets
Detail of 17th century shipwright’s tools from John Addey’s memorial, St Nicholas’ church, Deptford
One of the two stone skulls and crossbones on the piers of the entrance gate to St Nicholas’ churchyard, Deptford
Carved angels, St Nicholas’ church, Deptford



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Barbara Rich

Barbara Rich


English barrister & mediator — specialising in disputed succession & decision-making for people who lack mental capacity