“Excepting one bed and one Bible”

Attested instructions for writing out the Subjoined Will of Starkie Jennings of Haworth, Yorkshire, showing the drawings of the two daughters and the four properties l to r Bell Isle, John Sugden’s Dwelling, Old Israels Cottages, and Cottages at bottom of the Ginnel, and recording his answers to simple questions about them, and marking his choice of executors with an ‘X’
Enlarged images of the pictures of Starkey Jennings’s two daughters: Mally Wright and Maria Buckle from the sheet of instructions for his will
The will of Starkey Jennings as written from the instructions he gave in response to the drawings and simple questions prepared for him
Haworth Parsonage and the churchyard of St Michael and All Angels, where Starkey Jennings and his first wife Rebecca Sutcliffe, the six children who predeceased Starkey Jennings and one of his grandsons are buried © Barbara Rich
Starkey Jennings’s mark ‘X’ and seal and the attestation “We whose names are subscribed/Have in the presence of each/Other witnessed the signing sealing/and declaring of this as the Will of Starkie Jennings Haworth/” before the signatures of Robert Murgatroyd, Nathan Wright and John Winterbotham on the final page of the will



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Barbara Rich

Barbara Rich


English barrister & mediator — specialising in disputed succession & decision-making for people who lack mental capacity