Curtains for the Zeitgeist

A corner of Neo Bankside (l), Falcon Point (centre) and the original Bankside power station building (r) looking northwards across the river ©
Neo Bankside flats and south London panorama from Switch House viewing gallery May 2017 © Barbara Rich
The more conventionally interesting view northwards from Switch House viewing gallery 2017 © Barbara Rich
Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy 1970–1971 — David Hockney’s portrait of fashion designer Ossie Clark, his wife, also a designer, Celia Birtwell, wearing a dress designed by her husband, and their cat Blanche, renamed Percy by the painter © Tate
Flats in Hopton Street SE1, from Falcon Point, some with what appear to be net curtains © Barbara Rich
1901 advertisement for Queen Anne’s Mansions, Victoria Street, London SW1 © wikimedia
Part of the website prospectus for Neo Bankside 2012 © Rogers Stirk Harbour
Shadows of people photographing Carsten Holler slides, Tate Modern Turbine Hall 2006 © Barbara Rich
Visitors photographing Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds, Tate Modern Turbine Hall 2010 © Barbara Rich
Salvador Dali: Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937 © Tate



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Barbara Rich

Barbara Rich


English barrister & mediator — specialising in disputed succession & decision-making for people who lack mental capacity