Crossing the Berlin Wall with the spirit of Bach

Map of places associated with Bach, reproduced from preface to John Eliot Gardiner’s Music in the Castle of Heaven — A Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach, published by Allen Lane 2013/Penguin 2014
Portrait of J S Bach by Elias Gottlob Haussman, restored to the Bach Archive in Leipzig in 2015
DDR stamps in my passport from January 1983
Berlin for Young People (1981), with tips for visiting East Berlin — note the forbidden “tapes, cassettes and many popular records” and the advice to “speak with people in a normal way and without arrogance”
From “East Berlin: A portrayal of the political and social structures” (1981)
Sleeve of Hans-Joachim Rotzsch’s 1975 recording of Bach’s Trauer-Ode BWV 198



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Barbara Rich

Barbara Rich


English barrister & mediator — specialising in disputed succession & decision-making for people who lack mental capacity