Arthur Pinion: A Portrait of the Artist as an Invisible Man

Map of Heaton Norris, Stockport 1893 — the Pinion family were then living at 34 Tatton Road South, west of the railway line and just to the north of the area shown on the map
Spindle mill, Heaton Norris built in 1892
Hospitalfield, Arbroath — gallery interior © Patrick McKee (CC)
Portrait of James Watts 1906 by Arthur Pinion © Stockport Heritage Services . It is impossible to properly judge painting quality from a reproduction. The mottled paint on James Watts’ face and hands may have been a skin condition, or more likely attributable to chemical instability in the pigment itself. The technical quality of the picture certainly does not seem to deserve the condemnation of Pinion’s work as “atrociously bad”.
Portrait of a Lady by Arthur Hyde Pinion, date unknown — sold at Bonhams, Chester in April 2008



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Barbara Rich

Barbara Rich


English barrister & mediator — specialising in disputed succession & decision-making for people who lack mental capacity